RECT Academy provides an excellent academic system making students exposed to unparalleled freedom to cross departmental boundaries and discover intellectual personal passions.

Creative thinking, problem solving skills and research are central to the academic programs at Rect Academy.

Learning takes place in an environment of intimate collaboration. Each year, 100% of our pupils get admission into Grade “A” Senior High Schools in Ghana.

The school has topped various districts - From 2005-2009 Ga West District, 2010 - 2013 Ga South Municipal, 2014 - 2017 Ga Central Municipal and adjudged the Consistent Outstanding Performance in the BECE in 2018.

Grading & Ranking

  • Excellent 95 - 100
  • Very Good 80 - 90
  • Good70 - 80
  • Credit 60 - 70
  • Average 50 - 60
  • Below Average 40 - 50
  • Fail 30 and below

The total score for examination is computed using the above grading points. All subjects, whether passed or failed, are included in the computation.

Grades are recorded on the terminal reports and score sheets which are displayed on termly basis.

Extra-Curricular / Social Activities

The school has a variety of extra-curricular activities integrated into the learning regular teaching and learning schedules. These groupings include the Maths & Science Club, Spanish & French Club, Drama & Debate Club, Cadet, Girl/Ananse Guides, Swimming Club, Sports Club, Culture & Dance Club, Choreography Club and Music & Choir.