Staff & Prefects


RECT Academy has a current total staff population of 62 made up of 21 non-teaching and 35 teaching staff and 6 part time staff.

At the end of each academic year (end of June) all staff members are notified to reapply for their various positions: this is to enable staffs who wish to resign to notify management for adequate replacement(s) to be made on time. On Management front, it makes room for underperforming/substandard staff to be notified of Management’s intention to replace them.

At the end of this exercise 95% of employees are retained. This is NOT a threat to job positions but rather keeps both parties “on their toes.”


RECT Academy a school board of school prefects comprising the Boys and Assistant Boys Prefects, Girls and Assistant Girls Prefects, Entertainment Prefects, I.C.T Prefects, Compound Prefects, Library Prefects and Protocol Prefects.